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Every third crime in Kyrgyzstan committed in Bishkek

Every third crime in Kyrgyzstan is committed in Bishkek. The head of the Bishkek Main Department of Interior Stalbek Rakhmanov told today at the regular session of the City Council.

According to him, for 2016 there were registered 24,000 crimes in the republic, 9,700 of which were committed in the capital. In 2015, slightly more crimes were registered in Bishkek — 10,200.

In 2016, there were 62 murders in the capital that is 8 less than in 2015. One remained unsolved.

In 2016, people held more rallies. In general, 269 rallies were registered on the territory of the capital, at least 166 of them were social-economic, political — 103 and resonant — 273.

«Robbery attacks are of particular concern. 100 out of 108 facts were solved,» Stalbek Rakhmanov said. «At the same time, 40 percent of the total number of crimes is theft of someone’ property (3,912 facts).»