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Monument to be erected at Boeing 747 crash site

A monument will be erected in the territory of Dachi SU settlement, where the cargo Boeing 747 crashed on January 16. State administration of Sokuluk district of Chui region informed 24.kg news agency.

Construction work is already underway: the plot has been leveled, gravel and sand have been brought.

According to officials, representatives of the district administration or the government have nothing to do with the work. This is the initiative of the relatives of the victims and some NGOs. «The community manages the land independently, therefore the site was chosen by the residents themselves,» the administration noted.

Recall, 35 citizens of Kyrgyzstan and 4 crew members — citizens of Turkey- were killed as a result of the crash of the Boeing 747 that flew from Hong Kong to Istanbul, several dozen houses were destroyed. In addition, one Kyrgyz citizen died of natural reasons, providing assistance to the victims.

The Turkish side paid compensation to the victims and the families of the victims.

According to preliminary expert opinion, there is no guilt of the Kyrgyz side.