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Monument to teachers of Russia and Kyrgyzstan to appear in Bishkek

A monument to teachers of Russia and Kyrgyzstan will appear in Bishkek. The Faculty of Architecture, Design and Construction of the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University (KRSU) hosted a presentation of the monument to teachers, the installation of which will be completed at the end of October. The press service of the university reported.

According to it, the author of the idea of the sculptural composition is People’s Artist of the Kyrgyz Republic, Honorary Professor of the KRSU Viktor Shestopal. It will appear in front of the main building of the KRSU.

«According to the creators, sculptor V. Shestopal, architects R. Muksinov, M. Beishenbaev, the monument dedicated to the teachers of Russia and Kyrgyzstan symbolizes the historical memory of those who laid the foundations of education in Kyrgyzstan,» the statement says.

Sketches of the monument were developed about ten years ago and now the idea has received a real embodiment.

The description to the composition says that the figures of Russian and Kyrgyz teachers are cast in bronze; there is the inscription «Dedicated to teachers» in two languages on the pedestal.