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State debt of Kyrgyzstan grows by $ 12.16 million for month

The national debt of Kyrgyzstan grew by $ 12.16 million for a month. Since the beginning of the year it grew by $ 326.13 million. The Ministry of Finance of the country reported.

As of September 30, the size of the state debt of the republic (external + internal) amounted to $4,366.55 billion (299,800.58 million soms).

At least $ 3,968.14 billion (272,446.54 billion soms) is the external debt, $ 398.41 million (27,354.04 billion soms) is the internal one.

The country’s external debt for the month increased by $ 16.4 million, internal — by $ 4.24 million. It is noted, that for a month, the country’s debt to the country’s largest creditor, the Export-Import Bank of China, has decreased by $ 10.01 million.