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Deputies believe government hastens with sale of MegaCom to Elena Nagornaya

Deputies believe that the government hastens with sale of MegaCom company to Elena Nagornaya. They announced this at a meeting today.

According to Ryskeldi Mombekov, «there is a curse on MegaCom». «The court hearings are not completed. This indicates that the head of the State Property Management Fund should leave the post. First it was necessary to agree, and then say that they found a buyer. You may not sell the company,» the deputy said.

The State Property Management Fund noted that there are many obligations on the nationalized objects. Elena Nagornaya agreed with them. It is not excluded that she will refuse the deal in the negotiation process. Regarding her personality, inquiries have been sent to the competent authorities, and «an answer will be received one of these days.»

Irina Karamushkina added that it is necessary to hold elections, and then return to this issue. The government must provide information about the buyer.