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Steven Seagal tells why he came to Kyrgyzstan

American actor Steven Seagal told why he came to Kyrgyzstan. According to him, this is connected with the forthcoming the 3rd World Nomad Games, since he is a Goodwill Ambassador for WNG.

«Right now, at the meeting with the Prime Minister, we had an opportunity to talk about many interesting things, including the construction of «smart cities» to help the country become even better,» the famous actor said.

Answering the question of journalists if he is going to shoot a film in Kyrgyzstan, the Hollywood star replied that he still dreams of making a film about Genghis Khan, and make it here, but this requires a very large budget, which he is now collecting.

Regarding the World Nomad Games, he noted that he would discuss the issue with the Prime Minister more deeply later.

«The head of the government also asked me to appear in a video, which will be shown on all world channels, and I agreed with great pleasure,» Steven Seagal told.