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Level of abortions in Kyrgyzstan indicates inaccessibility of contraceptives

Most of the abortions in adolescents are criminal. Galina Chirkina, Chief Operating Officer of Alliance for Reproductive Health NGO, told journalists today.

«Unfortunately, we have inadequate statistics on abortions. The Ministry of Health does everything to ensure that everything is recorded in public health institutions. But we have hidden statistics, since most often such abortions occur in private organizations or in criminal conditions, not even in healthcare institutions," she said.

«Some medicines that allow making medical abortion are available. This accessibility is caused by the fact that it is simply not controlled by the Department of Medicines. We are talking about the black drug market on the same Dordoi. Therefore, we can have an even greater number of abortions among adolescents, who are not checked by anyone at all," Galina Chirkina added.

«Up to ten percent of births in the country occurs in women under 19. The same statistics is for abortion. The level of abortion in the country speaks first of all of the inaccessibility of contraceptives," she noted.

In a year, according to official data, 21–28,000 abortions are registered in Kyrgyzstan. This figure, according to Galina Chirkina, can be «multiplied by five to get a real picture. Only one out of five cases falls into the statistics.»