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Head of Memorial Human Rights Center banned from entering Kyrgyzstan

The head of Memorial Human Rights Center Vitaly Ponomarev was banned from entering Kyrgyzstan.

As it became known, he left Kyrgyzstan on July 5 after participating in the forum to combat extremism. Four days later, he could not return to the country: he was shown an act banning entry on the Kyrgyz-Kazakh border. The Human Rights Center Kylym Shamy confirmed the information to 24.kg news agency.

Ponomarev was in Bishkek from June 30 to July 3 — he took part in the forum on fighting extremism organized by Kylym Shamy together with the Norwegian Helsinki Committee. Ponomarev left the country, leaving his things in a Bishkek hotel.

The Border Service of Kyrgyzstan has not yet commented on this ban.

Vitaly Ponomarev earlier, in 2009, has already received a ban on entry to Kyrgyzstan. The ban was canceled on April 7, 2010.

The reason why the well-known human rights activist is not allowed to enter the country is still unknown.