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Kamchybek Tashiev not nominate Babanov from Respublika-Ata Jurt

Kamchybek Tashiev did not nominate Babanov from Respublika-Ata Jurt party, member of the political council of the organization Nurlan Shakiyev told 24.kg news agency.

He insists on the illegitimacy of nomination of Omurbek Babanov for the presidential post on behalf of the party.

According to him, as a member of the political council, he did not see or sign any decision of Respublika — Ata Jurt on nomination of Omurbek Babanov for the post of the president of Kyrgyzstan in the upcoming elections.

«There are 25 members in our political council. I know that at least two members — I and Kamchybek Tashiev — did not nominate Omurbek Babanov. I think that not everyone of the remaining 23 people would agree with such an initiative," Nurlan Shakiyev said and added that, even if there was such an offer, he would not support it.

Kurultai of Respublika- Ata Jurt was held on July 2, where Omurbek Babanov was nominated.

The party was registered on October 20, 2014, having merged from two — Respublika and Ata Jurt. The leaders of the new association were Omurbek Babanov and Kamchybek Tashiev.

Two politicians ran for the parliamentary elections, but Tashiev could not run because of a criminal record. Later he said that Respublika — Ata Jurt no longer existed.

According to Nurlan Shakiyev, the party still exists de jure.