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Almaz Isanov joins team of Temir Sariev

«One of the conditions for our cooperation with other political forces is complete modernization and renewal of the administrative elite of Kyrgyzstan," Almaz Isanov wrote on his Facebook page.

The young politician also stressed: «This is not about ordinary and middle-ranking employees, not about point-by-case visits to the leading posts of new personnel, but about a serious change of managers who still think in terms of the past century, who don’t know and don’t understand those Processes that are now taking place in the world. But the most important thing is the formation of a new ecosystem in public administration, when the state machine will be aimed at the result, not merely the functioning and reproduction of itself.»

«I am glad that Temir Sariev has an understanding of the importance of this task. UPDATE of the public administration system will be one of the main points of its program. In the first year, key posts will be replaced, in the future — the whole state machine will be updated. The most important task at the same time is the use of managerial experience of our compatriots, which they acquired abroad. If there are ideas or a desire to work together, join us," Almaz Isanov said.