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Workers of Ak-Tyuz processing plant on strike

Employees of Georezerv TK CJSC are on an indefinite strike. Chairman of the Central Committee of the Mining and Metallurgical Trade Union of Kyrgyzstan Eldar Tadzhibaev told.

According to him, today at 8.00 am the workers completely stopped the work of Ak-Tyuz processing plant in connection with the non-fulfillment of the requirements for payment of wages, provision with overalls, re-signing of labor contracts.

The last straw of indignation, according to Eldar Tadzhibaev, was the unjustified dismissal of the Chairman of the Trade Union Committee Dogdurbek Maychiev. Today he received notice of dismissal in connection with the termination of the labor contract from June 30.

Earlier, on May 23, a spontaneous rally took place in Ak-Tyuz village in Kemin district of Kyrgyzstan. As a result of the negotiations, the requirements were partially met — the salary for April was paid to workers and special clothes were given.

Nevertheless, engineers and technicians can not receive wages since the beginning of the year, and workers — for March and May.

Under the Labor Code of the Kyrgyz Republic, it is prohibited to enter into fixed-term employment contracts with employees whose activities are permanent. However, Georeserv TK CJSC signs labor contracts in violation of the legislation for three months.

In addition, lack of funds is not a reason for non-payment of wages under the labor legislation of Kyrgyzstan. The company has already exported several hundred tons of gold concentrate, and it is not known where the funds for its sale are.

The legal inspection will issue a repeated order to the company’s management with the demand to eliminate violations of the labor legislation of Kyrgyzstan. In case of non-compliance, the issue of bringing managers to disciplinary, administrative or criminal liability will be raised.