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Toktogul substation to be modernized for 1st time in 50 years

Toktogul substation is being modernized for the first time in almost 50 years. Chief Engineer of Jalal-Abad Enterprise of High-Voltage Electrical Networks Myrzabek Muratov told during a press tour.

According to him, modernization began in 2014 at the expense of the funds of the Asian Development Bank.

As the master Daniyar Zaripov told, there was no capital upgrading of the substation since its commissioning in 1968. «Modern equipment is installed at the facility, it is convenient to operate, it does not require large expenditures," he said.

According to the engineer, electric-gas switches are also installed at the substation in place of the old ones.

Prior to the modernization, it was necessary to disconnect all the substations that were part of the group in case of a breakdown and that left the whole region without electricity. Now, in case of a failure, only the substation where the accident occurred is turned off.

Daniyar Zaripov

As the chief engineer of the Jalal-Abad Enterprise of High-Voltage Electrical Networks Myrzabek Muratov noted, in general more than 4 million soms were spent on the work, the equipment was supplied by the PRC and Turkey. The substation provides with electricity Toktogul town, two rural areas and three pumping stations. A similar modernization (for 8 million soms) was made at Gorodok substation in Kara-Kul.

Modernization of facilities is carried out within the framework of the National Development Strategy for 2013-2017. In general, 105 substations will be modernized in Kyrgyzstan for 180 million soms till the end of the year.