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Chui region of Kyrgyzstan hosts “Kyrgyz Taste” food festival

Food festival «Kyrgyz Taste» was held in Zhany-Zher village, Chui region of Kyrgyzstan. Its organizer Tursun Omuralieva informed 24.kg news agency.

«The first festival of organic cattle breeding and national food took place in professional lyceum No. 43. Its goal is the revival and promotion of organic cattle breeding and national food through the unification of scientific, innovative and traditional knowledge and practices in the agrarian and food industries," Tursun Omuralieva said.

About 200 people participated in the festival; the organizers were students and teachers of the lyceum.

«In such a way we want to teach our students farming and work with tourists so that they can show them our culture, traditions and national food. The event was accompanied by the opening of training stations for the training of agriculture and tourism workers in rural areas. Master classes on cooking national cuisine and tasting were carried out," she added.