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Updated list of life-saving drugs submitted for public discussion

The Ministry of Health of Kyrgyzstan has submitted an updated list of life-saving drugs for public discussion.

«The list was last revised in 2012. During this time, the pharmaceutical world market has been replenished with a number of new high-quality, effective and safe drugs. New clinical guidelines and protocols based on the principles of evidence-based medicine have been developed, revised and implemented," the department noted.

The revised list includes 402 names of drugs used to treat cardiovascular, pulmonary, gastrointestinal, oncological, infectious and other diseases that threaten patient’s life.

A separate list of vaccines, serums, immunoglobulins and a list of medical products was published.

The Ministry of Health noted that the adoption of the document will improve the availability of expensive drugs for the treatment of oncology, HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis and other diseases, as well as will protect the health of the mother and child.