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MPs propose to lift ban on graduate proms in Kyrgyzstan

Deputy of the Parliament proposes to lift the ban on graduate proms at schools, because no one observes it. Deputy Dastan Bekeshev made such a proposal at the parliament meeting today.

According to him, for several years, the country has had a ban on holding graduation parties.

However, the proms are still organized and take place because parents of schoolchildren do it. The deputy considers it necessary to make them legal again for easier control over the process.

«We need to permit graduate proms and, at the same time, to organize posts in each cafe to help with ensuring security. Each school can sign a contract with a security agency. If children and parents want to celebrate graduation, let them pay for security. And the security services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will monitor the order, control the drinking of alcoholic beverages. There are children of the rich who will drive drunk. This can be controlled too. It is necessary not to ban, but to permit, they will celebrate all the same," Dastan Bekeshev believes.