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Almost 90 percent of child abusers have secondary education

According to the National Statistics Committee, almost 90 percent of people who have committed violence against children have a secondary education, Gulmira Akhmatova, head of the department for the protection of the family and children of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development of the Kyrgyz Republic, said at a press conference.

According to her, the worst thing is that often these are the closest people — parents, grandparents.

«I don’t want to say that only in Kyrgyzstan there are facts of abuse and violence against children. They exist all over the world, regardless of the ecological, economic and social state of the country. People tried to keep silent about this trouble here," she said.

Gulmira Akhmatova stressed that the sharply increased labor migration had a negative impact on the situation of children.

The main cause of child abuse is the weakening of the role of the family as a guarantor of child development. Unfortunately, the changes taking place in the social and economic spheres, the spiritual and moral difficulties of our society, as well as the change in the traditional roles of members of the community cell, significantly destabilize traditional family relations.

Gulmira Akhmatova

The representative of the Ministry of Labor assured that today the state policy is aimed at preserving the family for the child. In this regard, the department instructed the territorial units to constantly detect children in difficult life situations.