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Deputies spend over 2.5 million soms on business trips for month

In April, deputies of Parliament spent 2,836 million soms on business trips. Website of the Ministry of Finance reports.

According to the ministry, last month, judges of the Supreme Court traveled little less than the people’s deputies. Their expenses for business trips in April amounted to 2, 448 million soms.

The Executive Office of the government spent 2 million soms on trips in April and 1.5 million — in March.

The Ministry of Economics and the Ministry of Education spent 1, 840 million soms on business trips, and the Accounting Chamber — 1,105 million.

As the Ministry of Finance reported, the travel expenses of the Presidential Administration amounted to 500,000 soms, of the Presidential Affairs Department — 641,000 soms.

In April, the cash execution of the republican budget on the departmental classification was implemented in the amount of 10, 2, 681 billion soms.