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Senior Kyrgyzstanis forced to hide their age to get ambulance service

The seniors do not receive proper medical and social assistance. The report of the National Research on Aging in Kyrgyzstan says.

«According to the elderly, the ambulance does not hurry to come to them, and they are forced to hide their real age, because they know that they will not get timely medical help if they say that they are above 60," the report says.

«Many senior patients can not afford to buy the necessary medicines because of the constant rise in prices for them. Doctors often prescribe very expensive medications, although analogues can be bought much cheaper. Patients are sent to buy drugs in a certain pharmacy, most often located in the same clinic," the document says.

The most difficult is the situation with medical care in rural areas. Some remote villages do not have medical and obstetric centers, and people can not get medical help timely.

It should be noted that the head doctor of the Ambulance Station Iskender Shayakhmetov said: «Statements that the ambulance does not go to the elderly is a myth.»