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Bishkek needs three times more ambulance teams than it has

More than 100 emergency medical teams are needed for the entire population of Bishkek. Deputy Director of the Center for Emergency Medicine Egor Borisov said on Lights Podcast.

According to him, 44 round-the-clock teams have been approved for the Center for Emergency Medicine staff, but in fact there are 35-37 due to a shortage of personnel.

«Although, according to the standards, in order to cover the population’s need for emergency medical services, there should be one round-the-clock team per 10,000 people. We have one brigade per 36,000 people, 3-4 times less than needed. Considering that about 1.2 million people live in the capital, there should be 120 brigades,» Egor Borisov said.

He gave the example of the neighboring Almaty city, where about 170 ambulance teams operate.

In the entire post-Soviet space, we are the only ones who do not comply with this standard. These are the consequences of numerous reforms in the 1990s.

Egor Borisov

In the city of Frunze, according to his data, there were 54 ambulance teams for a population of 540,000, as required by the standards. «In the 1990s, healthcare spending began to decline. At that time, the ambulance service was reduced to 20 teams. And it was a disaster. We are still dealing with the consequences of those actions. Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan did not carry out such disastrous reforms,» Egor Borisov noted.

According to him, on average, the center receives about 600 calls per day, and approximately 450-500 visits are carried out.

Taking into account the mayor’s surcharge, paramedics of 103 service receive about 17,000 soms, doctors — about 20,000 per month.