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Ombudsman: Some public figures suggest legalizing child labor

Some public figures in Kyrgyzstan propose to legalize child labor, Ombudsman Kubat Otorbaev said today at a roundtable discussion.

According to him, our republic has a difficult economic situation, and the labor market situation, accordingly, is not favorable. «The realities of life are such that all the hardships lie first of all on slander female shoulders and the children. It is women who become the very first labor migrants. They get dirty work. At the same time, they receive a minimum wage," the human rights activist said.

«And the children instead of attending schools go to work in markets and fields. Some public figures suggest legalizing child labor. Moreover, they propose to increase summer vacation and postpone the beginning of the school year to October 1. As an ombudsman, I consider this absolutely unacceptable. This contradicts to the norms of the legislation," Kubat Otorbaev stressed.