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Indian doctors perform challenging auto liver transplant on Kyrgyz woman

Delhi doctors performed risky auto liver transplant on 35-year-old woman from Kyrgyzstan. The Indian Express reported.

As noted, the Kyrgyzstani was suffering from abdominal pain for the past three months and was diagnosed with a parasitic infection — Echinococcosis Multilocularis — which suggests a slow-growing liver tumour with subsequent damage to the liver. In her case, 75 per cent of the liver was damaged.

According to a representative of the clinic where the operation was performed, a liver transplant remains the only treatment option in such cases.

The doctors opted for an auto liver transplant where the damaged part of the liver was removed and replaced by the healthy part of the liver. Using a part of the patient’s own liver does not require immunosuppressive medicines.

The surgery reportedly took eight hours. The patient recovered quickly and was discharged on the eighth day after surgery in stable condition.

Echinococcosis Multilocularis is a rare health condition and has about a 10 percent chance of reoccurrence. If not treated on time and correctly, the infection might affect the lungs, kidneys, large blood vessels, and intestines of the patient.