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Kyrgyzstan interested in antimonopoly regulation experience of Belarus

Kyrgyzstan is interested in exchanging experience with Belarus in the field of antimonopoly regulation. Chairperson of the Antimonopoly Regulation Service under the Ministry of Economy and Commerce of the Kyrgyz Republic Gulshat Asylbaeva told a BELTA correspondent.

The media outlet recalls that a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between MART of Belarus and the Antimonopoly Regulation Service under the Ministry of Economy and Commerce of Kyrgyzstan in 2019, within the framework of which the countries intend to hold working meetings, video conferences, and exchange experience. The emphasis is on the practice and application of competition law, since countries have different mechanisms in the evidentiary part.

«Today we will discuss issues on antimonopoly legislation, the procedure for considering antimonopoly cases, the practice of preventing, limiting and suppressing monopolistic activities. We are also interested in issues of pricing policy and reference pricing, monitoring compliance with legislation in the field of pricing, the social sphere, including regulation of prices for medicines and regulation of government procurement. In general, the volume of issues to be discussed is quite large,» Gulshat Asylbaeva said.

Kyrgyzstan is also interested in the experience of regulating prices for socially important goods. «Your practice is at a good level. A close dialogue has been established in Belarus between MART, consumers and retail chains. It is important that the policies in the field of pricing and control to identify monopolistic actions in Belarus and Kyrgyzstan are almost similar. I think that we will interact even more with your country,» she added.