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Market sellers not to be checked for six months in Kyrgyzstan

A ban on inspections and imposing fines on entrepreneurs engaged in trading activities will be imposed in Kyrgyzstan for the first six months of 2024. The Deputy Head of the Tax Service Islambek Kydyrgychov told.

According to him, the decision was made at a meeting of the working commission, created by the decision of the President Sadyr Japarov.

The moratorium on inspections will begin to operate together with the norm on the abolition of the license for trade activities.

«We will conduct explanatory work in the first six months. While people will get used to the new system, learn, no fines will be imposed. In addition, all reports will be canceled. No one will need to hire an accountant. There will be an application where two clicks will be enough to mark the arrival of this or that product.... There will also be no audits. Executives say that if even this deadline is not enough, the moratorium will be extended. This applies to those who work at markets and in general in the trade sphere,» Islambek Kydyrgychov said.

In addition, he reported about the instruction to purchase 30,000 cash registers, which will be provided to vendors free of charge.