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Kyrgyzstan plans to extend moratorium on business inspections for year

It is proposed to extend the moratorium on inspections of entrepreneurs until the end of 2024 in Kyrgyzstan. The draft presidential decree was submitted for public discussion by the Ministry of Economy and Commerce.

It is noted that the document was prepared to stabilize the economic activities of business entities, ensure the development of the business environment, attract and improve the investment climate, as well as eliminate unjustified and unnecessary interference of government bodies in the activities of business entities.

The Ministry of Economy notes that there is an increase in complaints from entrepreneurs about the actions of law enforcement agencies, tax and authorized bodies that have the right to conduct inspections.

Business asks to eliminate excessive and unreasonable interference of government agencies in their activities.

But in order to stimulate sustainable economic growth and create a favorable investment climate and business environment, it is necessary to stop the unjustified interference of government bodies in the activities of business entities and create favorable conditions for business development, improving the investment climate, supporting the economic activities of business entities, and ensuring their legal protection.

«The draft decree provides for the introduction of a moratorium on inspections of business entities until December 31, 2024, carried out by law enforcement, tax and other authorized bodies entitled to inspections. The introduction of a moratorium will minimize holding of unfounded inspections of business entities and various abuses associated with this and is aimed at curbing corruption mechanisms that accompany the inspection process and reducing the administrative burden,» the Ministry of Economy and Commerce believes.

However, restrictions do not apply to inspections carried out:

  • Within criminal and civil proceedings;
  • Upon applications of business entities in accordance with the legislation of Kyrgyzstan;
  • At the request of government authorities of other countries;
  • Upon applications from individuals and legal entities;
  • Customs service in relation to goods under customs control.

The moratorium on business inspections in Kyrgyzstan was introduced from January 1, 2019 for two years. At the end of 2021, the deadline was extended until January 1, 2022, and then until the end of 2023.