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President congratulates Kyrgyzstanis on Independence Day

The President Sadyr Japarov congratulated Kyrgyzstanis on the Independence Day of the country.

«Today, August 31, is the Independence Day of the Kyrgyz Republic. This holiday is very dear and significant for all Kyrgyzstanis. I am proud to congratulate the great Kyrgyz people with their rich centuries-old history, being in the fertile city of the Great Silk Road, called our southern capital and famous for the Sulaiman-Too mountain and Ak-Buura river. From the bottom of my heart I congratulate you all on the Independence Day! May our red flag always proudly flutter, sowing peace and prosperity with its yellow rays. Let the festive day be happy and heartfelt,» the congratulatory message reads.

According to the head of state, the red flag and independence in unison symbolize freedom and sovereignty.

For 30 centuries of history, our ancestors have shed much blood, given their lives for the sake of establishing statehood and erecting the banner of freedom, thus they left an indelible trace of Kyrgyz on the pages of history.

«Our people are imbued with a sense of independence and sacredly honor its value, passing it on from generation to generation at the genetic level. Thus, it has been characteristic of the Kyrgyz people since time immemorial to strive for freedom, justice and equality, and our red flag has become the main symbol of independence, entrusted to us by our ancestors with the instruction to preserve freedom for future generations. Therefore, every Kyrgyz who today calls himself a patriot should consider it his sacred duty to preserve the independence of the state and the unity of the people,» Sadyr Japarov said.

He added that the Kyrgyz people have always lived in harmony with nature, worshipping the majesty of snow-white mountains. Therefore, sometimes it seems that the majestic Ala-Too mountains protect us from adversity for the fact that we have protected them for centuries as the apple of our eye, calling them our homeland.

«It is in our hands to create such a time and build a developed country, because we have every opportunity to do it. This is a historic chance that cannot be missed to make history by properly using every possible advantage in the country and among the people. Let’s not miss the chance, let’s properly, economically and diligently use the natural and human resources of the country, improve and develop the independent Kyrgyzstan left to us by our fathers and pass it on to the next generation,» he said.

The full text of the congratulations on the occasion of the 32nd anniversary of the Independence Day of the Kyrgyz Republic can be found on the President’s website.