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Waste processing plant planned to be built in Kara-Balta for $10 million

It is planned to build a plant for processing of solid domestic waste for $10 million in Kara-Balta city. Press service of the City Hall reports.

«A private investor in the face of the Kyrgyz-Russian Bainurgold company offers to build an enterprise on the site of the landfill. It will recycle solid domestic waste and generate energy. The plant will operate on a «zero-disposal» principle and will reduce the load on the Kara-Balta landfill, which can not cope with the volume,» the statement says.

The city leadership, the local council and the investor reportedly discussed details of possible cooperation the other day.

«The issue of the need to build waste processing plants is increasingly being raised. Landfills make cities toxic, so we should be interested in its construction. Unfortunately, due to the lack of funding and other factors, the landfill has turned into a sanctioned landfill. As a result, serious harm is caused to the environment and the health of citizens,» Mayor Mirlan Dzhekshenov said.

The working group of the City Hall together with other state bodies and with the participation of investors will consider all the legal and technical aspects of the project.

«We will involve Russian specialists having a license in the implementation of the project. We will create conditions, solve technical issues. We plan to create about 300 jobs when the plant is launched,» its author Alexander Gusev told.

The project includes several directions:

  • Reclamation and improvement of the landfill for solid domestic waste disposal;
  • Construction of the plant with the capacity of 50,000 tons of waste per year;
  • Construction of a mini-HPP at the plant;
  • Construction of a combined greenhouse facility on the area of up to 10 hectares;
  • Construction of additional facilities.

The Kara-Balta sanitary landfill was organized in 1994. The facility with an area of 21 hectares is used up to this day.