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Threat to region comes not from Taliban, but from uncontrolled gangs

The threat to Central Asia lies not in the Taliban movement, but in armed groups that are not under the control of either the movement or the National Resistance Front. The Ombudsman of Kyrgyzstan Tokon Mamytov said at the conference «Afghanistan as a threat to the national security of Kyrgyzstan and the CSTO countries.»

«The Taliban in their current situation is least of all interested in interfering in the internal affairs of the Central Asian states, and even more so in a military conflict with them. The primary task for them today is to earn support of the world community. The danger comes from a considerable number of small and large armed gangs that are not under the control of either the Taliban or their opponents, and which external players can use for their own purposes,» he explained.

The General of the special services also called for the prompt restoration of order on the Kyrgyz-Tajik border and reminded that the Batken campaign once began with entry of an armed group of 12 people into the territory of the republic.

On August 15, the radical Taliban movement announced full control over the entire territory of Afghanistan.