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Pediatric Oncology and Oncohematology Department opened in Bishkek

Department of Pediatric Oncology and Oncohematology has been opened at the National Center for the Maternity and Childhood Welfare in Bishkek. The presidential press service reported.

Construction of a new five-story building and provision with all the necessary equipment, including design and estimate documentation, purchase of furniture and inventory, was financed by Al Safa Public Association.

The President Sadyr Japarov, as well as guests from Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, attended the opening ceremony.

«The Department of Pediatric Oncology and Oncohematology was opened for the first time in a specialized children’s clinic. It consists of 70 beds, 10 of which are in the intensive care unit. There is an intensive care unit and two operating rooms. Biochemical, general clinical, bacteriological, immunophenotypic, cytogenetic and other laboratories have been equipped,» the press service noted.

Most of the death cases observed in pediatric oncology were complications from therapy and the lack of conditions for the treatment of children. The Pediatric Oncology Department for the first time has its own intensive care unit with a hemodialysis machine.

 It became possible to provide care to patients with a brain tumor, the number of whom is up to 30 percent of all patients. Conditions have been created for bone marrow transplantation with the possibility of consultation with narrowly focused specialists.

«As the world experience shows, improvement in the development of the entire pediatric oncology service and a decrease in mortality are possible only after the transfer of the Pediatric Oncology Department to a specialized pediatric clinic,» the press service of the head of state reported.

Sadyr Japarov noted the importance of today’s event for the country’s healthcare system. According to him, the incidence of cancer is growing, the situation around the world remains tense, including in Kyrgyzstan.

The President expressed concern about the increase in the incidence of cancer in children observed in recent years, adding that this situation is exacerbated by problems with the procurement of medicines, equipping of hospitals with the necessary equipment, a shortage of oncologists and others. He noted that reduction in cancer mortality can be achieved through targeted programs based on research.

«Opening of the Department of Pediatric Oncology and Oncohematology is a big step in the development of cancer treatment. We are confident that in the near future this department will be successful in prevention, treatment and increasing the survival rate of our small patients,» Sadyr Japarov said.

He stressed the need to work on the next steps in cancer treatment. «We are obliged to lend a helping hand to every child in need and do our best to fight for their lives! To do this, we must develop pediatric oncology with hope and faith, using modern medical technologies and new methods,» the head of state added.

He presented the Certificate of Honor of the Kyrgyz Republic to the head of Al Safa Charity Association, Muhammad Abdurahman Al-Shaya, for his contribution to the protection of public health and charity.

Sadyr Japarov got acquainted with the state of the building of pediatric cardiac surgery of the National Center for Maternity and Childhood Welfare, the construction of which has remained unfinished since 1995.