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People with disabilities ask for meeting with Sadyr Japarov

People with disabilities ask the President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov to receive and listen to them. Tolkunbek Isakov, President of Provision of Legal Assistance to Disabled Persons Foundation, said at a press conference.

He noted that people with disabilities are full members of society.

«It is necessary to gradually get rid of those approaches that prevailed earlier. It is believed that people with disabilities are sick and need to be treated. It is the same charitable approach that a person with disability constantly needs help and all kinds of donations. We must gradually move closer to a social and legal approach. Then our society will become inclusive and accessible to all segments of the population,» Tolkunbek Isakov shared his opinion.

He stressed that the laws, regulations that regulate the rights and freedoms of persons with disabilities in the country are good, but the degree of their implementation is at a very low level.

«In this regard, on behalf of the civil society of persons with disabilities, we want to appeal to our President Sadyr Japarov, in order he to find the opportunity and time to receive us — leaders of the community of people with disabilities and NGOs to discuss problems and aspirations and so that senior officials to show political will,» Tolkunbek Isakov concluded.