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Kyrgyzstanis name best-known political party

The best-known political party in Kyrgyzstan is Ata Zhurt — 59 percent of the respondents know it, but only 11 percent of the respondents are ready to vote for it. Such data are presented in a survey by SIAR Research and Consulting, which was conducted by the Center for Insights in Survey Research of the International Republican Institute (IRI).

At least 1,211 citizens of Kyrgyzstan aged 18 and older participated in the survey.

Ata Meken (56 percent), Respublika (47 percent), Social Democrats (44 percent), Mekenchil (41 percent) and other parties were also named among the well-known political organizations.

It should be noted that only 11 percent of the respondents are ready to vote for Ata Zhurt. At the time of the survey (July 2021), the same number of citizens were ready to vote for Mekenchil. Yiman Nuru was supported by 7 percent of the respondents. Birimdik and Social Democrats gained 3 percent each.

Under the new legislation, the electoral threshold has been increased to 5 percent.

Preferential voting has been introduced in Kyrgyzstan. The ballot will include the names of the parties and the numbers of candidates on the list without surnames and names. To prevent the voter from getting confused, lists of party members running for the Parliament will be put up at polling stations. Voters need to put a tick in the box of the political organization for which he or she votes and mark the number of the candidate for the mandate whom they want to see in Parliament.

The ratio of candidates from parties and single-mandate constituencies has also been changed. Political associations were given 54 seats, single-mandate constituencies — 36. The gender quota has been reduced, and the electoral threshold has been increased from 3 to 5 percent.