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Agriculture Ministry plans to develop international level certification

The Ministry of Agriculture plans to develop international certification in Kyrgyzstan. Director of the Department of Organic Agriculture Baktygul Askeralieva announced at a press conference.

A provision has been developed for this, according to which the authorities issuing certificates for export outside the EAEU countries will get a number of privileges. To date, farmers are forced to travel abroad for certification and pay about $ 10,000.

«Farmers will not need to travel to another country to get a certificate, there will be local inspectors. If the branches are opened, in any case they will hire local experts, thus our specialists will learn the certification process and will be able to open companies for issuing certificates themselves. Then we will obtain approval of organic standards from the European Union, and if they are adopted, Kyrgyz products will be considered completely organic,» she said.

Organic agriculture is a farming method that minimizes the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. To increase yields, control pests and weeds, it uses the effect of crop rotations, organic fertilizers, and various soil cultivation methods.