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Third wave of COVID-19: Many young people in serious condition hospitalized

The Republican Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital in Bishkek is overcrowded with patients infected with COVID-19 and community-acquired pneumonia. Chief Physician of the hospital Gulzhigit Aaliev told 24.kg news agency.

According to him, the number of infected among young people and children has increased. «Last year, hospitalization of 20-40-year-old people was a rarity, but there are many such cases this year,» he said.

Most worrisome is the fact that children with positive PCR test results, pneumonia in severe and moderate forms are being admitted.

Gulzhigit Aaliev

The Chief Physician of the Infectious Diseases Hospital named two main reasons why the number of patients with moderate and severe increases. «Firstly, many people seek medical help late. Secondly, perhaps, this is due to the circulation of different strains of coronavirus, in which the disease develops faster,» Gulzhigit Aaliev said.

He also noted that many people continue to attend feasts, funeral receptions, do not observe the mask requirement. It also leads to an increase in the number of cases.

«We have 400 beds in the hospital for hospitalization of such patients. At least 26 people have been discharged today, but new patients have already been admitted. In addition, we hospitalize not only Bishkek residents, they are being transported to us in a serious condition from other regions,» he stressed.

The third wave of coronavirus is registered in Kyrgyzstan. The incidence has reached the level of «black July» 2020.