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Sadyr Japarov urges not to turn selection of judges into business

President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov met with members of the Council for Selection of Judges, the composition of which was approved by the Parliament on March 31. The presidential press service reported.

The head of state noted that one of the priority tasks to date is to create a strong, transparent, independent judicial system capable of ensuring inviolability of the foundations of the constitutional system, protecting the rule of law and the rights of citizens of the country.

Sadyr Japarov stressed that, despite various legal reforms over the past 30 years, the judiciary does not fully fulfill the tasks of maintaining the rule of law and restoring violated rights.

We need to get out of this situation as soon as possible, because negative trends in the judicial system will inevitably damage the foundations of statehood and national security of Kyrgyzstan.

Sadyr Japarov

He stressed that one of the main factors influencing functioning of the system as a whole is the process of selection of judges.

«It needs to be drastically improved. Highly qualified specialists with extensive life experience, impeccable reputation and professionalism should be selected for the position of a judge. Therefore, you are facing very important tasks,» he said.

Sadyr Japarov reminded about a lot of criticism from the public against the previous composition of the Council for Selection of Judges.

«Don’t be criticized like that and be clean. Instead of turning the process of selection of judges into a business, each of you should feel full responsibility and work with clear conscience. This is my demand for you as the head of state. The public expects the same from you,» the president said.

He stressed that the new composition of the Council for Selection of Judges has a big mission — to make a real contribution to creation of an independent, truly fair judicial system.

Members of the Council for Selection of Judges told about their current tasks and their priority plans.

According to the draft of the new Constitution, selection of candidates for positions of judges will be carried out by the Council for Justice Affairs. The Council for Selection of Judges will continue to perform the selection functions until it is formed.