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Heads of districts, their deputies to be appointed from personnel reserve only

Heads of districts (akims) and their deputies will be appointed from the personnel reserve only. Director of the State Personnel Service of Kyrgyzstan Abdyrakhman Mamataliev told 24.kg news agency.

He told that the State Personnel Service continues an open competition for admission to the personnel reserve to fill the positions of heads of local state administrations and their deputies (regional reserve).

Abdyrakhman Mamataliev noted that some high-ranking officials are trying to lobby for their candidacy.

«The vacant posts of heads of district and their deputies are filled only from the personnel reserve, which is formed on a competitive basis. At least 860 people applied for 120 positions. There are requests, lobbying by high-ranking officials. They ask to include their acquaintances in the reserve. But we answer them in the negative,» the head of the State Personnel Service said.

Abdyrakhman Mamataliev reminded that competitive selection consists of two stages: computer testing and interview.

«Human influence is excluded in testing. The computer processes more than 5,000 questions, and displays new options in front of each candidate. After passing the test, the computer sums up the results without human intervention. We tell everyone that the State Personnel Service has no influence. This does not suit everyone,» Abdyrakhman Mamataliev told.

Akim (head) is the main government official in the district. He or she bears personal responsibility to the government for the socio-economic development of the district. According to the current Constitution, the akim is appointed by the Prime Minister at the suggestion of a joint meeting of local councils.