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Export grows thanks to simplified border control procedures

Measures taken by the government to optimize state control at checkpoints are yielding positive results. The State Customs Service of Kyrgyzstan reports.

For the first quarter of 2021, the volume of exported goods amounted to 648,200 tons. Compared to last year, the figure increased by 71.2 percent. Without duplicating measures, 4,584.1 tons of goods (meat by-products, vegetables and fruits, dried fruits, nuts and mineral water) with a total value of 97.3 million soms were sent for export through checkpoints.

The State Tax Service reminded: the Cabinet of Ministers’ decree established that when exporting goods, control of sanitary-quarantine, veterinary and phytosanitary safety, all necessary actions to confirm compliance with prohibitions and restrictions will be carried out only at customs clearance points. This means that the passage of these types of control at the border checkpoints was recognized as duplicate.

The Cabinet of Ministers decided that there should be no additional control at the border.

«Such measures have been taken to support the export of goods, simplify and optimize border procedures. Indeed, repeated control and registration of previously issued documents was carried out earlier at checkpoints. This led to additional time costs for exporters,» the Customs Service stressed.