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Elections proposed to be postponed until new Constitution is adopted

Member of the constitutional convention, a playwright Mar Baidzhiev, suggested postponing the early presidential elections until adoption of the new Basic Law.

«Let’s make two proposals on behalf of our commission: to recognize the proposed Constitution as inconsistent with the renewal of the state system. It is necessary to write a new, perfect version of the Basic Law. Second: to appeal to the authorities of the republic with a request to postpone the elections until a new Constitution is adopted,» Mar Baidzhiev said.

Moderators of the constitutional convention replied that they had no right to raise such an issue.

«Whatever it is, we propose. We propose to create a new Constitution. Because the discussed version is provocative and has already arisen much controversy. No one gets any better from it. Therefore, it is necessary to create an editorial board, consisting of lawyers, specialists, and write a new, perfect Constitution. And then hold presidential elections,» Mar Baidzhiev said.

The new draft Constitution has been submitted for public discussion on the official website of the Parliament.

The revision of the Constitution was originally initiated by Sadyr Japarov. He spoke about this many times. However, the attempt to rewrite the Basic Law was shifted to the deputies of Parliament of the sixth convocation, who, in fact, became illegitimate after October 28, 2020 — their term of office has expired.