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Residents of Mady village dissatisfied with work of donkey farm

Approximately 70 residents of Mady village in Kara-Suu district of Osh region of Kyrgyzstan hold a rally. They demand from the authorities to check the donkey farm.

Local residents suspect that the management of the enterprise distributes meat of dead animals among residents of the village that could cause various diseases.

«We have been trying to achieve an inspection for the third year already, there is no reaction from the local authorities. We want to see how animals are bred there, where the dead are buried, where waste is thrown away,» the protesters say.

The farm foreman came out to the protesters and said that the enterprise worked exclusively for export to China.

«We work officially; we breed donkeys here. Due to the fact that the borders are now closed, there is practically no work for 10 months. In general, we are working for China. No one slaughters or eats donkeys here — we are the Muslims. If an animal dies once a month, we take it to a special pit,» representative of the farm told.

There are about 800 donkeys on the farm now.