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New version of Constitution: Deputies have to initiate official investigation

Former judge of the Constitutional Chamber of Kyrgyzstan, Klara Sooronkulova, believes that the deputies of the Parliament should demand an official investigation and find out how and who forged their signatures under the bill on holding a referendum to amend the Constitution. She stated this to 24.kg news agency.

Yesterday it became known that four more deputies said that they had not signed the document. «If they didn’t sign, then who signed it for them? This is an official forgery. We need to find it out. The initiative itself and the draft Constitution, since they were submitted for public discussion unlawfully and in violation of procedures, should be immediately withdrawn,» Klara Sooronkulova believes.

MP Dastan Bekeshev urges not to believe the words of his colleagues, who report that they allegedly did not sign the document. He suggests asking them for official confirmation of their statements. And he believes that none of the four have sent official notifications of the withdrawal of their signatures.

Eighty deputies of the Parliament initiated a law on holding a referendum to amend the Constitution. It has been submitted for public discussion on the official website of the Parliament.

The redrawing of the Constitution was originally initiated by Sadyr Japarov. He spoke about this many times. However, the attempt to rewrite the Basic Law was shifted to the deputies of Parliament of the sixth convocation, who, in fact, became illegitimate after October 28, 2020 — their term of office has expired.