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Politicians split society. Activists and journalists appeal to authorities

Civil activists, public organizations, bloggers, journalists are systematically attacked by support groups of the current government. Joint statement by representatives of civil society and the media sector says.

It is noted that civil society organizations and citizens are targeted by threats and persecuted for defending their rights and freedoms. With the connivance of the current authorities, a campaign was launched for defaming and harassing all those who defend the rule of law in the country and the current Constitution.

«Public statements made by the authorities divide Kyrgyz citizens on the basis of loyalty to certain politicians and their ideas. By their actions, the authorities confront different groups of people, dividing them according to political preferences. Politicians are splitting society into their supporters and opponents for the sake of retaining power and winning the presidential elections,» the statement says.

No political goal can serve as an excuse for violating the rights of citizens to security, freedom of speech and expression, pluralism of opinions.

From the appeal of activists and journalists to Kyrgyzstan’s authorities

The authorities must stop conniving at the violation of laws and violation of the rights and freedoms of citizens.

In their appeal, activists and journalists urge, according to the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic, to start objective investigations of cases of attacks on civil activists, bloggers and journalists. The authorities need to stop dividing society into loyal and disloyal. According to the Constitution, the President personifies the unity of the people of Kyrgyzstan.

The future head of state should be the president for all Kyrgyzstanis, and not the patron of a narrow circle of his supporters.

 «Only a politician who respects and adheres in his actions to the principles of the rule of law, the rights and freedoms of citizens, the secular state and protection of private property, is worthy to head Kyrgyzstan,» the activists say.