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Activist Erkin Nurbaev challenges Sadyr Japarov to debate

Activist Erkin Nurbaev challenged Sadyr Japarov to debate. He himself informed 24.kg news agency.

Erkin Nurbaev turned to Sadyr Japarov via social media and hopes that this will become a kind of flash mob.

«In the wake of recent political events, as a supporter of the parliamentary form of government, I opposed the new version of the Constitution. Yesterday Sadyr Japarov said that in January he would hold a referendum on one issue — the presidential or parliamentary form of government. Any his speech is currently considered as the ultimate truth. However, he said that those who oppose the new Constitution are young people who do not understand anything. Why not to hold a debate and understand who is right in front of all the people,» he said.

The activist stressed that he was ready to hold debate with Sadyr Japarov, if the latter personally accepts his challenge.

Earlier, Sadyr Japarov commented on the rallies and protests against the constitutional reform. He believes that the draft of the new version of the Basic Law is commented on by young people who do not understand its essence.