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Political events in Kyrgyzstan lead to COVID-19 incidence growth

Political events in Kyrgyzstan have led to an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases. The Deputy Minister of Health of Kyrgyzstan, Nurbolot Usenbaev, announced at a press conference.

According to him, the number of cases increased not only due to numerous rallies in Bishkek, but also due to the electoral process.

«Campaigning was going on, we shouted that it was not allowed to gather 2,000 people at the stadiums, the headquarters of the parties were fined, but today we see how it all ended,» the official said.

Nurbolot Usenbaev noted that the situation might worsen in winter, because citizens would gather even more in a limited space. «Physical distance is the most basic protection against coronavirus, everyone must strictly observe it. Violation of basic rules leads to an increase in incidence,» the Deputy Minister of Health said.

Freelance pulmonologist of the Ministry of Health, Talantbek Sooronbaev, told that the doctors were working according to the fourth protocol for treatment of coronavirus.

«However, we have begun to consider the fifth version of the protocol. I think we will adopt it in the next two weeks. We will take into account all the nuances: best ways of treatment at home, what is the combination of influenza and COVID-19, this will all be included in the fifth protocol,» the pulmonologist said.