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COVID-19 exacerbates problem of medical waste disposal in Kyrgyzstan

More than 600 healthcare workers will be trained in healthcare waste management. Aleksey Kravtsov, a specialist of the Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Infection Control of Preventive Medicine NGO under the Ministry of Health of Kyrgyzstan, told 24.kg news agency.

According to him, assessment of the medical waste management system was carried out.

«In connection with the coronavirus infection, the volume of medical waste has increased several times. In the summer, a collapse occurred in special institutions, they did not have time to disinfect the garbage. Part of the medical waste was taken out by a private company that has disposal capabilities, and the other part, after disinfection, ended up at the solid waste landfill. Therefore, there was a need to improve the management of medical waste, this is relevant in anticipation of the second wave of coronavirus,» Aleksey Kravtsov said.

According to him, it is planned to conduct a study on the environmental impact of waste generated from COVID-19.

«Now, within the framework of a project funded by the World Bank and UNDP, special equipment has been purchased for disinfection of 39 hospitals. Employees of 42 institutions will undergo training in medical waste management,» Aleksey Kravtsov said.