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Number of voters grows by 704,118 for five years in Kyrgyzstan

The Central Election Commission of Kyrgyzstan (CEC) continues check of voter lists. Kyrgyzstanis can find themselves in the list and make adjustments until September 19 inclusive. The number of voters in the control list for the elections of deputies of the Parliament is 3,465,000.

The CEC clarified that, in comparison with the preliminary list, the number of voters increased by 36,372 (1.1 percent).

The total number of voters in 2015 elections was 2,761,000. There are 704,118 people more now.

At least 11,264 applications were received from voters using Form No. 2 in electronic format through the Voter's Cabinet service. Some of them were:

  • Canceled by the citizens themselves - 237;
  • Rejected by system administrators - 389;
  • Processed – 8,365;
  • Being processed - 2,247.    

Precinct Election Commissions received 253,006 applications in paper form according to Form No. 2. At least 192,519 of them have been processed, 60,487 are under consideration.

The total number of Kyrgyzstanis who applied with Form No. 2 was 264,270.

At least 3,847 voters decided to clarify their data.

Parliamentary elections will be held in Kyrgyzstan on October 4.