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Three people die from COVID-19, community-acquired pneumonia in Kyrgyzstan

Three more people have died from coronavirus and community-acquired pneumonia in Kyrgyzstan. Deputy Minister of Health, Madamin Karataev, announced at a briefing.

According to him, 1 person died in Bishkek, 1 — in Batken region and 1 — in Osh region.

In total, 1,487 people have died from coronavirus and community-acquired pneumonia in the country.

«It is worth noting that not all of the deceased have coronavirus as a primary diagnosis. About 29 percent of them died from other diseases. This trend continues. The analysis showed that about 66 percent of people have asymptomatic or mild form of the disease. These are only those who are officially registered. If we count those who did not turn to doctors or simply had a mild or moderate form of the disease, then there are about 160,000 people. Unfortunately, 4.6 percent of the patients are in an extremely serious condition, 9.8 percent — in a serious condition,» Madamin Karataev said.

Recall, the Ministry of Health of Kyrgyzstan has combined statistics after the WHO assigned the code U07.1 to the laboratory-confirmed coronavirus in the international classification of diseases, and the code U07.2 — to community-acquired pneumonia, and it is considered as manifestation of the virus.