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Embassy of Russia comments on situation around Kant airbase

The Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Kyrgyz Republic commented on the situation around the Kant air base.

According to the diplomatic mission, the publication that Kyrgyzstan allegedly decided to transfer the territory of the Kant airbase to Russia on account of the upcoming repair of its runway is «an obvious lie, which hides an attempt to misinform the society.»

«In fact, the protocol between the Russian Federation and the Kyrgyz Republic on amendments and additions to the agreement on the status and conditions of the combined Russian military base on the territory of Kyrgyzstan dated September 20, 2012, signed in March 2019, clearly states: «In case the Russian side conducts at its own expense reconstruction of artificial coatings of the airfield at the Kant airfield, the ownership right to the inseparable improvements made belongs to Russia. After termination of this agreement, these improvements shall be handed over to Kyrgyzstan.» We consider such a distortion of facts unacceptable that have one goal — to drive a wedge into the traditional friendly and equal relations between our countries,» the Russian Embassy said in the statement.

The runway itself is included in the list of objects for sharing. This norm was introduced because, according to the information of the representatives of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, it will not be possible to allocate money for repairs without transfer of ownership right to the inseparable improvements made.

The protocol on amendments to the agreement on the Kant airbase was adopted at the end of March 2019. However, the Parliament received it for ratification only on February 18, 2020. It will be considered at a parliament meeting on June 4, 2020.