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Only 4.4 million Kyrgyzstanis registered at place of residence

At least 700,958 Kyrgyzstanis have been registered in 2019. The State Registration Service of Kyrgyzstan reported.

Moreover, compared with 2018, the number of people registered in the country decreased by 61,900 people.

Most of the people were registered in Osh and Jalal-Abad regions, and least of all — in Talas and Naryn regions. At least 75,921 people have been registered in Bishkek, and 36,538 — in Osh last year.

According to Referral Unit automated information system, 4,404.7 million Kyrgyzstanis are registered at the place of their residence.

According to the National Statistical Committee, the population of Kyrgyzstan is 6.5 million. In fact, it turns out that 2 million people, or 32.2 percent of the republic’s population, remain unregistered in the country, or these people do not live in the country at all.