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Kyrgyzstan marks Flag Day

Flag Day was marked in Bishkek today. Military men, officials and citizens gathered on the central square of the city.

Mayor of the capital, Aziz Surakmatov, noted that one of the main symbols of the state — the Kyrgyz flag — turned 28 years old today.

«On this day, March 3, the flag of Kyrgyzstan soared high into the sky for the first time. Its color is similar to the flag color of the generous Manas. The flag is our national pride and a symbol that evokes a sense of responsibility, patriotism and love for the Fatherland in the heart of every Kyrgyzstani,» Aziz Surakmatov said.

Press service of the President sent out congratulations from Sooronbai Jeenbekov.

«Congratulations on the Flag Day of the Kyrgyz Republic! The national flag is one of the attributes of the sovereignty of our state, a symbol that reflects patriotic feelings for the homeland of each of us. The national flag reflects the unity of the people of Kyrgyzstan. Since the time of the great Manas, our flag, as a symbol of freedom, has been handed over from generation to generation. Holding sacred the heritage of our ancestors, we must live in harmony under our flag. The sacred duty of each of us is to carefully preserve and raise our flag high. May our flag always proudly soar in a peaceful sky, our Kyrgyzstan prosper and develop. May the Almighty protect our beloved Kyrgyzstan,» the message says.