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Sooronbai Jeenbekov names first achievements of digitalization

Transition of the whole society to digitalization, keeping up with neighbors, is a requirement of the present day. This opens up new, unprecedented opportunities for our citizens. President of Kyrgyzstan announced at a meeting with residents of Issyk-Ata district.

Citizens will stop sufferring torments knocking on the doors of various state bodies in the hope of obtaining a certificate or other information.

Sooronbai Jeenbekov

The head of state listed the first achievements of the digitalization policy up to date.

«At least 62 state bodies and 28 commercial organizations are connected to Tunduk system. Switch of provision of public services to the population to the electronic format is proceeding at a fast pace. At least 191 public services became available through the state portal. Under the project «State as Platform,» 85 state services were introduced. Thus, up to date, a total of 276 services are provided. Issue of 13 certificates is automated, on average 1.5 million certificates are issued in electronic form. More than 20 million transactions have been carried out electronically between government bodies — exchange of information, the process of their interaction has accelerated significantly. It is clear to what extent this reduced the bureaucracy, saved time and paper,» said the head of state.

Sanarip Aimak platform is being developed; in the near future, this system will be introduced in the work of each rural administration.

Automated Passport and Registration of Civil Acts Information System is working both inside the country and at all foreign institutions.

The President stressed that digitalization is the main tool in reducing the human factor in the fight against corruption.