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Manas airport refutes information about dismissal of 30 employees

Manas Management Company commented on the information distributed in social media about dismissal of 30 employees. The company issued an official statement by its President Nursultan Belekov.

According to him, the information is not true. «Manas Management Company is an operator of the airport’s cargo terminal and a flight catering center. At the same time, Manas International Airport OJSC holds 100% of the company’s shares. As a part of our activities, we are constantly working to improve the quality of customer service, as well as to increase aviation security measures. All import and export cargo that arrives and departs through the airport is handled at Manas Management, so we cannot but pay attention to aviation security,» explained Nursultan Belekov.

He noted that as a part of this activity, the company has been studying the situation in order to detect and eliminate security problems in the last 3-4 months. «And such weaknesses have been identified. We received several comments from specialists of the Civil Aviation Agency that security measures should be provided by a single service throughout the airport. Today, Manas Management has its own security service, and the airport has its own.

According to the Kyrgyz Air Code, the airport is fully responsible for aviation security. In this regard, we made an agreed decision that 30 Manas Management employees will be transferred to the aviation security service of Manas International Airport. The information that 30 employees are fired is untrue. The decision was made to transfer them with keeping their salary,» said Nursultan Belekov.