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Kyrgyz officials admit they can't protect investors

Kyrgyz officials admit that they cannot protect investors. The head of the Investment Potential Development Department of the Investment Promotion and Protection Agency Almaz Isanov announced today at the business forum «Local Communities and Mining Companies.»

According to him, investment protection issue is particularly acute.

«In simple terms, it is easier to persuade an investor to come to the republic, and it is very difficult to protect them. It is necessary to assess the impact of projects on the environment, to determine social effects. Many Chinese companies want to enter the mining industry in Kyrgyzstan. There are disagreements with the population. The country has good indicators in international rankings. But we must look at reality, at the reaction on the local level,» said Almaz Isanov.

He added that the Investment Promotion Agency was developing an interactive map where current and future projects would be located. The local community is engaged in planning of risks that an investor may encounter.